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Vintage Appliance Repair Services


vintage appliance repair services

AAA Appliance Repair Services offers a full line of vintage appliance repair services. We repair older, genuine, antique, classic, vintage stoves from the early 1900 through the 1920’s, 1930’s, 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s and on up through modern day replica’s such as Heartland Range Corporation throughout the entire Chicago and suburban metropolitan area.

Appliance Service Center of Chicago are the exclusive Chicago and suburban metropolitan appliance repair experts on vintage oven repair, antique stove repair, and vintage range repair. Most repairs can be done on the first visit. Even if rare or obsolete parts are needed, with over 5,000 Appliance Parts Distributor Association affiliates we will find someone somewhere to get the parts to get you up and running. So if the oven does not start up, or the temperature runs too high or low, we can absolutely help.

Most vintage stoves are manually operated at start up by match, the so-called “match lit” oven. We can install an automatic live pilot ignition system that will automatically light the oven for modern day safety and convenience. Automatic, live-pilot ignition was a major option back in those days. Our customers tell us time and again how elated they are to have finally found a repair agency that can save their range.

Cooking Ranges

Modern ranges that have equivalent features to the vintage antiques that will “never die”, like the modern AGA or LeCornue, can cost as much as $27,000 or more.  With that price tag, there is no question that repairing the vintage range is worthwhile! The market has recognized that this large resurgence in mid-century modern appliances has taken hold and is building up steam. So, hold on to that classic antique vintage stove.

Vintage Appliance Brands We Service

  • Magic Chef
  • Chambers
  • Crown
  • Detroit
  • Florence
  • Franklin Chef
  • Harper
  • Jewel
  • Wedgewood Holly
  • Western Holly
  • Martha Washington
  • Universal
  • Universal Chef
  • Robertshaw
  • Roper
  • O’keefe and Merritt

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roper repair
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We have done a lot of work on our new home ourselves and have had a small bit of work done by tradesmen outside our family. It’s been hit or miss, 50/50, whether it was a professional job. AAA Appliance was top notch! They were true to their quote, on time and made the stove work. The quality of work was high and they know their stuff. We have another vintage stove to hook up after our house is put back together. I wouldn’t call anyone else!

Want to buy a vintage range?

If you are interested in purchasing a restored or vintage stove, you can learn more here.

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