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Miele Appliance Repair

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No one does Miele appliance repair better than AAA Appliance Service Center. Our friendly technicians are expertly trained to service Miele refrigerators, coffee makers, dishwashers, warming drawers, freezers, ventilation systems, and other home and commercial appliances. We’re Chicago’s best appliance repair resource and all you have to do is call us to learn why.

To take advantage of over 50 years of appliance repair knowledge and expertise, call AAAASC today at 888-966-1950. You can also Schedule an Appointment online. You won’t find better service at better prices anywhere else so get in touch today and see why we’re the best!

AAAASC has received numerous service awards, recognition from Chicago’s most popular news outlets, an A+ rating from the BBB, and national acclaim for the expertise of our own celebrity repairman and owner James Dolbeare, aka Mr. Fix It. We offer real-time technician tracking, fast effective service, and a 1 year parts-and-labor warranty to back it all up. With AAAASC, your Miele appliance is in the best of hands.

Service Features

  • Real-time Technician Tracking
  • Decades of Certified Experience
  • 1 Year Parts-and-Labor Warranty
  • Numerous Service Awards
  • Affordable Prices

Miele Service Helps With

  • Uneven heating
  • Broken temperature control
  • Flickering lights
  • Broken displays and buttons
  • Strange noises or smells

Miele Dishwasher is working great after repair and had a very positive experience.
The customer service is great!  Tech very detailed in explaining what was wrong, how it will be fixed and willing to answer your questions even when repair is complete.
I have NEVER met such a kind, thorough, hardworking, gracious repairman and I am very impressed.

Miele logo | AAAASC Appliance repair

Being “forever better” is a lofty aspiration, yet the Miele Company dares to claim it as its company policy. Miele appliances are recognized for their conservative energy use, helpful features, and especially their durability. They last on average six years longer than competing brands, which means all-around savings on top of peace of mind. With Miele, you get quality above all else in countless different ways.

Structurally Resilient

No home device can take a beating like a Miele appliance. Miele stress tests every model to prove its reliability in even the harshest situations. Miele washing machines endure impact resistance tests just to guarantee they’ll last thousands of cycles without falling apart. When it comes to quality assurance, few companies can claim their products endure the kind of rigors a Miele appliance can.

Professional Equipment

Whether your buy for home or business, every Miele includes commercial capability; its an inherent quality of the brand. That’s why professionals prefer their industrial appliances above most others. Miele offers commercial laundry machines, dishwashers, instrument reprocessing equipment, dental disinfectors, laboratory glassware cleaners, and many other helpful professional aides. To see other commercial appliance offerings, visit

Efficient Style

“Less is more.” says Miele with their line of sleek, classy home appliances. They prefer to let clear lines and defined colors shout the brand name from across the room than to try and leave a more obtrusive mark. The best part is most Miele appliances are built to match each other thanks to their complementary color palettes. Thanks to Miele, its easier than ever to get the stylish kitchen you want and you get leading cooking capability to match; a true win-win.

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