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With AAA Appliance Service Center you get the expert professionalism Labconco appliance products require. We’ve over 50 years of repair experience. In fact, we handle all kinds of home and commercial appliance repair for appliances including refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, microwaves, trash compactors, and more.

To get Chicago’s friendliest appliance techs and exceptional warranty protection, call AAAASC today at 888-966-1950 or Schedule an Appointment online.

We’ve received countless awards for our exceptional appliance service and an A+ rating with the BBB to back it up. With the support of renowned appliance technician and owner James Dolbeare, aka Mr. Fix It, AAAASC continues to grow as one of the state’s leading appliance repair providers.

Though they started out of a small garage in Kansas City, today Labconco is one of the world’s leading providers of quality-controlled laboratory equipment and furniture. You can find their label on products in colleges, hospitals, pharmacies, government agencies, and other critical facilities across the globe, assisting scientists and lab employees with their work. They may not be a household name, but it’s easy to see how Labconco quality became so popular with professionals when you look at the aid they offer.

Cutting-edge Containment

Ultra-fine or hazardous materials can be extremely dangerous, which is why it’s necessary to work with them in a properly protected, ventilated environment. Labconco offers a wide range of items to this end, from ductless carbon-filtered enclosures to animal research stations. Fume hoods and remote blowers allow even finer control of atmospheric waste, making working in noxious environments easier than ever. Labconco also sells the XPert Nano, the only containment enclosure qualified to work with nanomaterials.

Dedicated to American Craftsmanship

Labconco was founded in Kansas in 1925 and remains proudly dedicated to American craftsmanship and dependability. Every item Labconco manufactures comes from two plants in Kansas, and the vast majority of the raw materials come from US suppliers. The production of their vacuum concentrators, glove boxes, and lab carts employs hundreds of hardworking Americans, each contributing to the greater cycle of national prosperity and backing every company product with ingenuity and pride.

Green Initiatives

The United States Green Building Council dedicates itself to furthering eco-friendly engineering practices; Labconco is one of the USGBC’s almost 14,000 council members. By following the LEED rating system developed by the USGBC, contractors can affect significant energy and cost savings in their buildings and products. Labconco’s fume hoods, biosafety cabinets, and glassware washers all follow these standards showing that Labconco practices what it preaches.

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