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With AAA Appliance Service Center you get the expert professionalism Enthermics appliance products require. We repair Enthermics blanket warmers, ivNow fluid warmers, and combination warmers. In fact, we handle all kinds of home and commercial appliance repair for appliances including refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, microwaves, trash compactors, and more.

To get Chicago’s friendliest appliance techs and exceptional warranty protection, call AAAASC today at 888-966-1950 or Schedule an Appointment online.

We’ve received countless awards for our exceptional appliance service and an A+ rating with the BBB to back it up. With the support of renowned appliance technician and owner James Dolbeare, aka Mr. Fix It, AAAASC continues to grow as one of the state’s leading appliance repair providers.

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Enthermics Medical Systems is a medical appliance provider that manufactures fluid warmers, blanket warmers, and combination warmers. They also develop the ivNow system, a convenient IV fluid warmer that keeps intravenous and irrigation fluids at the right temperature.

A surprising amount of research has gone into the positive effects of blanket warming. In over half of surgical cases patients experience inadvertent hypothermia, potentially leading to a host of physiological issues including severe discomfort and infection. This in turn leads to longer discharge times, increased medical costs, and overall patient dissatisfaction. For many reasons, Enthermics warming equipment is a practical necessity in just about any healthcare environment.

The Negative Effects of Hypothermia

A person’s core body temperature must stay within 36 to 38 degrees C to remain in “normothermia.” It is but a short trip below that before severe hypothermia sets in:

Mild Hypothermia
35.5c -35.9c
Moderate Hypothermia
35c – 35.5c

Severe Hypothermia
below 35c

The effects of hypothermia include increased energy expenditure, increased risk of cardiac events, reduced metabolism, impaired healing, and respiratory distress. Extended hypothermia is not only distressing, but can have severe consequences as well.

Blanket Warming Reduces Surgical Site Infections

Hypothermia impairs the patient’s immune response and also causes “vasoconstriction at the operative site.” says Pam Smith, CNOR. The effect is increased susceptibility to surgical site infection, but properly warmed blankets aid against this. By maintaining the body’s natural temperatures, it is given a chance to follow through the healing process properly.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Most importantly, blanket warmers substantially increase patient satisfaction. The comfort of a warm blanket is obvious and patients appreciate the luxury. But on top of this are the less obvious benefits that come from healing faster and better; reduced stress, lower medical costs, and overall better quality of life.

To learn how Enthermics medical appliances can improve the quality of life for your patients, visit

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