March 9th Important Safety

It’s About Time:

Semi-annual appeal to save someone’s life…maybe your own.

March 9th, we as a nation will be moving back to daylight savings time, resetting our clocks and losing sleep…so remember to reset your clocks this Saturday night. Time is short and goes by quickly. It is also time to change the batteries for safety’s sake.

Take the time in the spring and in the fall to replace those semi or fully worn out batteries in all of your smoke detectors. While most detectors provide that wonderfully annoying beep, some do not and the batteries might be too weak to even do that. That annoying beep, is the reminder that time is ticking, like a potential time bomb to a tragedy, change the battery! Countless tragedies occur with the loss of life and severe injury to people and pets needlessly when a simple, functioning smoke detector could have provided the life saving alert to get loved ones out from harms way to safety. Please do not roll the dice…get the battery’s and find the time to replace them.

The same can be said of monoxide detectors, they save lives. In fact, they are required in Illinois by law. Generally, monoxide detectors become less critical by spring, but with the country being held firm in the grip of winter 2014, we are still housebound. Homes and buildings remain shuttered from the cold, and all monoxide threats continue to press on. Punxsutawney Phil was right, it’s going to be a long winter, but don’t blame him, he’s just a groundhog. Digital readout monoxide detectors sample the air every few minutes to eliminate false positive alarms and to ensure a positive alarm if necessary. Please, be sure you have a functioning digital readout monoxide detector within 15 feet of any sleeping quarters as the life saving alarm it is designed to be. The life it saves may be your own.

Time, the bi-annual time change remains a powerful symbolic marker, a powerful call to action to check other household items that may have been neglected over time. Clogged dryer vents are one of the primary causes of house fires, serious injury and even death in our nation, completely preventable. Please, check and clean those dryer vents!

Insurance companies will reference household water damage from floods directly as a result of burst washing machine hoses. If they are not braided stainless steel, please replace them. The same can be said of plastic icemaker water supply lines, replace them. Plastic lines while inexpensive dry out and become brittle and crack, causing unexpected slow to fast water leaks. They should be stainless braided or solid copper lines up to the icemaker or refrigerator.

Gas leaks and fires from old worn out leaking gas connectors that connect dryers, ranges and stoves to the buildings are also sources of safety concerns. They rust from the inside, become brittle and crack as well. If not stainless, replace them. Even professional property management teams need the nudge and reminder to get those connectors replaced or at minimum checked and inspected and well as checked for monoxide output.

Safety first is not just a quip or phrase tag line, it is crucial. The life you save just might be your own.

Written by James C Dolbeare CSM, the Appliance Mr Fix it, President/Ceo of AAA appliance Service Center in Chicago and President of United Servicers Association a premier North American international Trade organization